1 Beatbox 9 Beatbox 8

2 Bassline

3 Splitter
Triangle shape in Hbnx seperate and pan the instruments around

4 Merger
similler to splitter

5 Gate
it changes volume of the sound relate of the other instruments' sound.

6 Compressor

7 Pitch Delay
It basicly delay the sound, but add the change in pitch by time flows

8 Delay
take sound and store, brings back in

9 Crusher
sound distorer takes sound and

10 Stereo Detune
The original sound is still there but the stereo detune thakes it out of tune

11 Slope
it used to alter sounds and enhance the creativity of the music
eq, low, high, notch, bend pass,

12 Reverb
Reberbrate so it sounds like there is room around it

13 Phaser


14 Tube
add a degree of reverb as you add to the drive
adjusts the timbre
it adjusts the tone via vaccume tubes

15 Flanger
messes with the time synchronizations of a track and slowly starts to delay one of the waves and gradually increase the delay and add changing makes it sound like you are under the ocean inversely when the track is sped up to normal time.

16 Parametric EQ

allows for one to change the timbre of a sound. when one bumps up the frequency, the equalizer will take a piece of the overall song and make it stand out more by making it soom like the