Properties of sound

Sound is produced when some thing vibrateds

Wave, Property of.
Amplitude, Wavelength, Direction of Travel
Trough and Crest.

Sound is not a Transverse wave. it is a longitutionla wave
Higher pressure-Compression
Lower pressure- Rarefaction

Wavelength is the length of one cycle

3 components of the sound
Pitch, Loudness and Timber
Pitch is determined by Frequency(Hz) cycle per sec.
One octave increase doubles the frequency
20Hz~20,000Hz-human hearing

Loudness is hight of the Wave.
Unit is dB
It`s log rythmic
120dB is ultimate pain

-Tone Color
determined by volume of the different wave forms in the sound
Fundamental frequency is what we really here
sine wave-pure pitch

Creating Different timbres of electronicPr

Sine Wave
Square Wave
Triangle Wave
Sawtooth Wave

White noise- All pitch at same time
Pink Noise -getting smaller

We persive the Higher pitch bigger

Most natural sounds are complex Waves

Doppler Effect
-frequancy change when the Sound making object is moving

Playing with Waves

Study Guide for Sound