Basic Tools for Understanding Synthesis

Vibrats ------------------->Filter----------------------> Boost

Adtional Vibrater

Simple terms
-The oscillator creates a waveform -VCO
-The filter rounds down the wave to the requested aboutn of brilliance -VCF
-The wave is amplified by the amplifier to the requested sound level- VCA
-Modify your sound by attaching another oscillator to your sound at any point listed above- LFO

Synthesizer Tech
2 oscillator
2 Envelope generators
a filter
voltage conltrol amplifier (VCA)
Creating Sound
When Key is depressed Pitch control signal is sent to the oscillators (VCO)
And osclilatro is a circuit that creates a single periodic wave form at a desired frequency

an electric device that creats a frequency by a voltage input
altering the voltage- alters the produced pitch
provides simple source waveforms simultaneously
Oscillator produces saw tooth and then other wave form

First pathway
VCF generate desired frequency and waveform then routes an audio signal

Second Pathway
The keyboard has also sent control signals to anotherpart of the synthesizer, the envelope generators
There are usually 2 envelope generators in a synthesizer. one controls the voltage control filter

Trigger and Gate
The Trigger sends a message to the generators telling them a key has been pressed. this begins the envelope generator`s process of creating an envelopes for the wave form deing generated by the oscillators.
As long as the key on the keyboard is held down, Gate is opened. Gate tells the generators that the note is still being played or not

Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release

A device for eliminating selected frequencies from the sound spectrum of a signal and perhaps increasing the level of other frequencies.
Also known as modulation


Audio Mulch Project

You need to label the vco vcf and vca in your mulch project... nf
-Now I Do :)

Types of Synthesis

Subtractive Synthesis.
We have basic sound, and we chip of the sound that we don`t want
-use Low-Pass Hi-Pass Band-Pass filter can be used for it.

Additive Synthesis.
We are adding harmonics to the original sound and make sound we want

FM(Frequancy modulate) Synthesis
Osc with the main sound, it is altered by another osc attached to it.

Vector Synthesis
Provides movement in a sound by providing dynamic cross-fading