A Brief Look at the History of Music Technology

Clara Rockmore
Leon Thermin
Bob Moog

2 BC
-The Hydraulis
invented by Ktesibios One of the Mechanical engineering

1876 Elisha Gray and "the Musical Telegraph"
he accidentally Discovered that he could control sound from self vibrating

1897Thaddeus Cahill "Telharmonium" or Dynamophone
First significant electronic musical instrument
Before radio.

1916 Optophonic Piano of Vladimir Baranoff Rossine
It gives visual patterns onto a wall or ceiling by dirrencting

1919 Leon Thermin

The Vacuum Tube

1930 The Rythmicon or "Polyrhythmophone
The Keyboard instrument based on Thermin

1928 The Ondes-Martenot
Teremin based kind of like piano playing

Musique Concret

1930 Hammond B-3
First organ that was really bought from individual

1959 RCA Mark II
Used be composers, fired by paper role

1967 Moog
Modular Synthesis
put patches together.
Monophonic, so only one note at one time

1970 Minimoog
Much smoallser David Van Boevering and Rober Moog invented it.
First widely available synth

1975-80 Polymoog
71 notes

1983-87 Yamaha DX7
REal Revolution in digital synthesis the first reasonably priced digital synth on the market
used FM algorithmic digital synthesis as a means of sound production

Synket 1963

Secret History of Technology and the pop music

The Development of the Synthesizer.(Essay assignment)