What are the different music Genres created by Electronic Music?

Two Phases of Electronic music

1) Avant-garde/Experimental (pre 1970's)

2) Dance/Electronic (1970's-present)

Section 1:
Tempo, instruments, analog or sample, type of percussion, synthesis tools used, mood or feeling

1989 Technotronic- House genre first decendent of Disco ave 127 bpm, less then 135 bpm 4 on the flour, 2/4 clap.

1. drum sat with, electronic kick drum, clap maybe whole drum are electronic(analog) voice is used with reverb, 120 bpm

Acid trax phuture
2. 4 on the flour, beep Roland TB0303-high pitch beep down beet clap. Started in Ware house in Chicago

Chicago House -right kind of love by Loop doctor
3.up bit high hat with 4 on the flour 2/4 clap Kick drum compress other sounds

Deep House J.D,
4.bongo drum, light kick, Sworling synth-airy sound lot of color,

Hard house by Pecca project.
5.1990s Hight pitch vocal 4 on the flour with 2/4 clap. hard sound

Garage You give me love by Keith Tomson
6. Jazzy, mostly accustic instrument voice with echo

Speed Garage Baby you hold me Unda ground
7. deep base line not 4 on the flour

Replication of Genre