Benchmark Listening
-Color, style instrument,

pretty fast tempo, dromkat, vocoder, synth, fast changing sounds, with some sudden fade in/out sound, Electronica, with constant base line, high pitched sound changing it`s sound with vocoder sound.
got slow down a little bit, and rest down for a while, stopped deep base line, and change it`s style and then all started to make sound again. and it ends. kind of non-bright style.

some human voice which apear on L/R once a time. Base guitar, piano. keeps its beat. and stick shaking like sound add some more point on it, guitar like synth sound also comes in, tim drum like sound, and high/light tweet and jazzy voice. Jazzy sound

bpm of about 130, and temberin, buzzing sound, electronic base and synth, delayed high pitched keyboard. electronic buzz, constant changing sound color, and soft background sound changing slowly. fast tempo on the base sound. sound other synth comes in sometimes. and ends.

Slow, soft start, and electronic drum beat comes in and base guitar comes in support, sudden blank in between bpm 140? acustics instrument make basic base of the music and Ex.Fast Electronic adds tast on the music. and it chill down sometimes. and sometimes random sound comes. and ends.

What electronic music group?
Kraftwerk, SEB(Super Euro Beat)

What I found -
SukJun Kim
Tom Lopez
Bob Sinclar
Joel Beuchamp listen Brass Komarad
Lulacruza listen there music