Musical Instrument Digital Interface-MIDI

Enables Electronic musical instrument to communicate, control, and synchronize with each other.

-1981, fall convention of the Audio Engineering Society, Dave smith and Chet Wood, mad Sequential circuits proposed an industry standard for an electronic musical instrument interface.
-The goal was to create one type of connector that would allow synth to connect to one another, regardless of mamufacture
-MIDI came into use in 1983
-MIDI is not hardware of software
-It's a universal "digital language" and means of communication for music tech.
-MIDI is completely independent of the audio circuitry IT IS NOT SOUND.
-MIDI doesn't transmit digital audio
-it trigers
-8 bits

Control Change
-When any of these controls are adjusted, the new value is transmitted using a control
-the Value can be either
A number between 0 and 127 for continous controllers

Program change
-Different sounds are stored in memory

-In, Out, Through

Master - Slave

MIDI iterface
-a device that is used to connect a computer to a MIDI system
-Provides the Midi IN and Out ports for connection

General MIDI
in the original MIDI specification no assumptions were made about the instrument about the instruments being used in terms of
-program numbers

MIDI Channels
-There are typically 16 different channels that can be used on a multi-timbral synth
- Instruments that can receive and play back MIDI information on more than one channel at a time
- Essentially 16 different sounds can happens at once
- Channel 10 reserves for drums

Benefits of Using MIDI
-Small file size
-Tempo and pitch are completely independent of each other
-Locate and cue sections or specific points using measures and beats

-Records and Plays back MIDI data
-A digital Player Piano
-Works similar to a multitrack recorder
-May also include digital audio recording

MIDI File formats


Smart Music and MIDI
Smart Music Software has upgraded the use of the general MIDI

MIDI is not audio
It is a collection of on and off messages
It is type of language that allows