Wave 1.wav

identify the shape of the wave.

-Pure Sine wave
Select Amplify - click allow clipping - then raise the amplitude by 5 dB. What happens to the wave shape?
-it cuts upper side of the wave down and it lose its original shape
Select a small section of the wave form, after zooming in, and select invert from the effects menu. What happens to the wave form?
-The wave form inverts to the origin(0) line
What happens to the wave when you lower the pitch under the effects drop down menu?

- the sound gets really low

Wave 2.wav

Zoom in and identify the wave shape.
-Square wave
Does this wave sound different than the first? If so How?

- This is Different, and it hearts my ear.

Wave 3.wav

Zoom in and identify the wave shape.
-Saw Tooth wave
Describe the sound quality of this wave.
-scratch, hearts
Why do the three waveforms sound different?

-in Timbre, they are different

Wave 4.wav

Can you explain why the shape of this wave is the way it is?
-White noise. complexed form
Using the Effects Menu, fade the sound clip in at the beginning and fade it out at the end.
How is the wave shape altered?
-both ends changed in to sharp edge. Amplitude changed.
With that wave still open, select analyze from the dropdown menu.
-Plot spectrum
-Find Clipping
-Beat finding
-Silence finding
What information is provided on this graph?
-dB, Hz
What observations can you make about the sound analysis?
-Find proportion of frequancy of the whole sound source