Secret History of Technology and the POP Music

What was considered the home entertainment system of the 19th century?
-Piano with anyone who can play it, and sheet music.

What instrument redefined the sound and shape of popular american music at the beginning of the 20th century?
-Gramophone and Phonograph

Prior to the invention of this instrument, songs were very long... why did the songs get shorter?
-Because there was limitation on the length for the recording instruments

Where was the birthplace of Jazz?
-New Orleans, Lousiana, where the piano factory was

Why did victor records attempt to sue another recording studio?
-They produced records just by copying. They stole copyright.

Describe how musicians first recorded music.
-In the acustic recording room, technicians arranged musicians to ballence the magnitude of the sound that is being recorded by horn on the wall

When was the microphone introduced?

How did the invention of the magnetic tape alter the recording process.
-Musicians did not have to record it all over again even if there is any mistake. They could simply overwrite it.
Also, one could actually edit saperated tapes into one tape.

What is the difference between the Gramaphone and a phonograph?
-Phonograph used wax covered cylinder and Gramaphone uses actual disk record that we know.

When did the LP get introduced?

How did the LP change the way music was recorded?
-With it`s size, it allowed musicians to record longer (around 25min per one side) and also, It could be recorded stereo.
Also, sound quality that LP stored was better.

Define Mulit tracking:
-Making seperate multiple sources into one recording.

With the ability to record at home with a computer, how do you think the music industry will change in the next decade?

-It must be easy for one to produce any kind of music with their idea. There are many easy ways to commercialize them too.
The terms and life time of any kind of music will be relatively short. Same time, many new genre will come out fast, at once.

-Home entertainment system of 19C
Piano+Person+sheet music
-20C Piano was pushed aside,
Gramophone+Phonograph music redefine the shape and sound changed
This made limit on time for pop music
78RPM rec was limitied 3min.
used till 1920
-Antique 24 inch tin disk record.
mid 1920s Mic came out, electronic recording started.
acuoustic record room had sound horn on the wall, so to bounce the sound, loud instruments play far from them
affected what jazzband uses. prefered high, loud voice.
electronic recored benefited other arrangement
electronic tech changed everything